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Frequently Asked Questions

How many clients can I have connected at one time?

You may have 5 concurrent clients connected per account. 

I forgot my password, can you tell me what it is?

Scan Whitley Online stores passwords in a way that it is impossible for us to determine what your password is.  You must use the "Forgot your password" link in the My Account section on the left side of our site to reset your password.  It should also be noted that Scan Whitley Online administrators will never ask you for your password.

How much delay is there from when something is actually said to when I hear it over the stream?

Typically there is no more than 10-15 seconds of delay from the time someone actually speaks until you hear it over our stream.

Why don't you have an online media player for the stream?

Our stream works in all the standard media players that are shipped with desktop and mobile operating systems.  These are the best clients to use.

How long does it take for archives to be posted?

Archives are posted every 15 minutes.

Is it legal to listen to Scan Whitley Online in a car or in public?

For our position and understanding on this please click here.

How much bandwidth is consumed listening to the stream?

This mostly only conerns mobile users who have limited data plans.  Below is a table showing you how much bandwidth will be used by your device when connected.

Duration Bandwidth
1 Hour 14.4 MB
1 Day 345.6 MB
1 Week 2.4 GB
1 Month (30 Days) 10.4 GB


When I try to connect to your stream with my media player, it asks me for a username and password.

Please go back to the listen live page and click on the link to listen live.

I hear a lot of static or humming when listening to the stream when there is no activity.

We have very little background noise on our stream.  Turn down your volume until you no longer hear background noise when no one is talking on the stream.  This will typically be the ideal volume level to use.

What media players can I use to listen to the stream?

Any media player that supports HTTP audio streams should be able to play our stream.  We personally recommend users use the VLC media player.  However, Windows Media Player should also work amoung others.  If you have problems please try using VLC.

Why must I login to listen to your stream or access the archives?

We provide our services to you at no cost.  However, we do like to know how many people are using our services.  To better track this, we require users to have an account and login to that account to access our stream and archives.

How far back do your archives go?

Our archives go back to October 1st, 2010. 

Why are some archive files missing from the archives?

Sometimes the archive recordings fail which results in that span of time to be unavailable for download.  Unfortunatly if the file does not show on the archives page it means we do not have it.  Luckily the archives work just fine over 99% of the time.

Is it legal to listen to your stream?


Sometimes I can't hear or make out what people are saying.

This is not our issue or anything you are doing wrong.  Sometimes there is lots of static in the scanner activity.  This is normally due to weak signals.  Most signals come in strong though and should have no static and be very easy to understand.

My media player says its connected, but I don't hear anything.

You will only hear stuff when there is actually activity.  Give it a few minutes, you should hear something eventually.  If your media player shows as being connected then you are.

Are mobile devices supported for the live stream?

We have verified all iOS and Android devices work just fine.  We do not officially support any other mobile platforms.  However, all others should work.

How do I delete my account?

We do not permit users to delete their account.  However, if you no longer wish to ever use Scan Whitley Online again simply login to your account and remove yourself from all our mailing lists on the Subscriptions page.  You should also make sure you uncheck email and text notifications for the Fire Paging System as well.  Your account will still exist, but you will never hear from us again.

 Will you please remove my picture/info from the Jail Booking Page?

 We do not remove anyone from the jail booking database.  However, if the Sheriff's office removes your booking record from their system it will be removed from our system automatically as well within a few days.

About us

Scan Whitley Online, launched in 2010, provides a free live stream of Whitley County, Indiana sheriff, police, fire, and ems scanner traffic.  We also provide free access to archives, a jail booking database, and recent events.  Scan Whitley Online is owned and operated by Whitley County resident Jeremy Jefferson. 

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