What is the option to remove silence? The option to remove silence will remove any span of more than 2 seconds where someone does not talk. Often this allows you to listen to a 15 minute archive file in less than a couple minutes. Click here to see an example of the difference this option makes.

The archive I want is missing? Sorry about that! Although it is rare, we sometimes fail to archive a certain span of time. If an archive file is missing that means we failed to record it.

I get a message that there is no activity in the archive file? This means that our system has detected that no one spoke during the time you selected. Do you really want to listen to 15 minutes of silence? Didn't think so. For that reason we will not let you download that archive.

Do you restrict usage of the archive files? Absolutely not! You are free to do whatever you want with the archive files. However, we would appreciate it if you would reference Scan Whitley Online if you use the files in a commercial setting.

How long do you keep archives We have no set amount of time. However, we generally try to keep at least a few months.

Why did the police officer cross the road? Good question! I'd recommend you listen to our archives to find out.