Welcome to Scan Whitley Online

Scan Whitley Online is a non-profit service that provides a free live stream of Whitley County, Indiana emergency communications. This includes local police, fire, ems, and Sheriff communications over both analog and digital technologies.

We also provide an easy to access archive of all emergency communications since October 1st, 2010. On top of that we now offer a free service we call the "Fire Paging System" that allows you to receive text and/or email alerts when something happens in the county. You can also view the recent pages on our Recent Events page.

New Simple Design

Let's face it, you came here for our features, not our design. We know this and took this into consideration for our new website design. This website has been designed to deliver our features to our viewers in a simple, yet effective, design that is easy to read and works on all desktop and mobile platforms.