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Below is a detailed table of what you can expect to hear over Scan Whitley Online's stream.

The "Alpha" column is what will be shown in compatible media players (such as VLC) when we are locked onto that agency.

SAFE-T Frequencies are shown at the very bottom.

Agency Frequency Talk Groud ID Alpha Type
South Whitley Police SAFE-T 15216 DISPATCH Digital
Churubusco Police SAFE-T 15216 DISPATCH Digital
Whitley County Sheriff SAFE-T 15216 DISPATCH Digital
Columbia City Police SAFE-T 15232 CC Police Digital
Whitley County Law Operations SAFE-T 15280 WC Law OPs Digital
Whitley County Operations 2 SAFE-T 15296 WC OPS 2 Digital
Whitley County Operations 3 SAFE-T 15312 WC OPS 3 Digital
Whitley County Operations 4 SAFE-T 15328 WC OPS 4 Digital
Whitley County Operations 5 SAFE-T 15344 WC OPS 5 Digital
Whitley County Operations 6 SAFE-T 15360 WC OPS 6 Digital
Whitley County Administration SAFE-T 15248 WC Admin Digital
Whitley County Investigations SAFE-T 15264 WC Invest. Digital
Whitley County Coroner SAFE-T 44800 Coroner Digital
Fire Tactical Red 154.145   FIRE TAC RED Analog
Fire Tactical White 154.385   FIRE TAC WHITE Analog
EMS Medical 7 463.150   EMS MED 7 Analog
Whitley County Jail 159.090   SHRF TAC JAIL Analog
Cleveland Fire 159.015   CLEV FIRE Analog
Columbia City Fire 155.295   CC FIRE Analog
Columbia City Police Tactical 1 156.135   CCPD TAC 1 Analog
Columbia City Police Tactical 2 153.7475   CCPD TAC 2 Analog
Columbia City Fire Tactical 153.950   CC FIRE TAC Analog
Columbia Township Fire 156.180   COLUMBIA FIRE Analog
Jefferson Township Fire 159.360   JEFF TWP FIRE Analog
Thorncreek Township Fire 150.805   THRN TWP FIRE Analog
Thorncreek Township Fire 150.880   THRN TWP FIRE Analog
Washington Township Fire 154.295   WASH TWP FIRE Analog
Columbia City Police 155.640   CC POLICE Analog
Whitley County EMS Dispatch 462.975   EMS Analog
Whitley County Fire 155.295   FIRE Analog
Whitley County Fire Dispatch 154.145   FIRE DISP Analog
Whitley County Fire Ground 154.385   FIRE GROUND Analog
Whitley County Sheriff 155.070   SHRF ANALOG Analog

Whitley County Indiana SAFE-T Frequencies


About us

Scan Whitley Online, launched in 2010, provides a free live stream of Whitley County, Indiana sheriff, police, fire, and ems scanner traffic.  We also provide free access to archives, a jail booking database, and recent events.  Scan Whitley Online is owned and operated by Whitley County resident Jeremy Jefferson. 

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